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Frequently Asked Questions

We May Just Have the Answer To Your Question

The Freebird Events team have a wealth of experience in triathlon, having trained others, competed in and hosted events for many years.

We have gathered together many of the questions we are asked frequently. Please check to see if any of these answers your concern.

If they don’t, no problem, please use our contact form to ask your question. No matter how important or unimportant you may feel it is, please ask away!

The difference with our events compared to many of our triathlon event competitors, is that we genuinely cater for all abilities, from first-timers to seasoned pros. We are always happy to help, whatever your dilemma. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for below please contact us, we are happy to help!

General Questions

How old do I need to be to enter?

Athletes must be 18 years of age to take part

How are the age groups worked out?

The age groups are determined by your age on 31st  December 2019.
For example, if you are currently 44 years of age and will be on race day, but you celebrate your 45th birthday before the 31st December 2019, you would be placed into the 45 to 49 age category.

What prizes are awarded?

There will be prizes for all 5 year age groups as classified by British Triathlon.
The first 3 competitors overall in both genders will receive awards
There will also be awards for the fastest relay team

How do I enter?

Entries are available online and are open to both individuals or relay teams. There are options to spread the payments over several months or pay a one off single payment.

To enter:

3.8km / 180km / 42.2km

1.9km / 90km / 21.1km

What is included in the entry fee?

Putting on an event of this nature is a huge task, and we believe we offer one of the most affordable, high quality, top class organised events.

The entry fee covers the full race infrastructure, as well as including swim safety cover, medical cover, fully marshalled course, electronic chip timing, security, entertainment etc.

  • A wide range of nutritional provisions at all feed stations
  • A Yorkshireman Tri welcome race pack including all the items you will need to take part in the event, swim cap, race kit bags, timing chip, race numbers, security wristband, competitors race manual etc
  • Unlimited event photos to download for free – honestly, no limits, download as many as you wish entirely for free
  • A personalised finishers certificate – a great conversation piece
  • A custom designed finishers tech T-Shirt – a stunning designed shirt that you will be proud to wear at other events
  • A superb bespoke finishers medal – expect nothing less than a beautifully designed finisher medal
  • Plus of course, the bragging rights of completing the first ever Yorkshireman Tri or Yorkshireman Half

What if I need to amend my estimated times or other personal details?

Please use the contact us page to let us know, we can then amend those details for you.

What if I am no longer able to take part in the event?

Please contact us at and we can start the withdrawal procedure, providing it falls within the terms and conditions of entry.

What are the cut off times?

Cut off times need to be implemented for safety reasons, we have tried to be as generous as possible to allow everybody the greatest opportunity of completing the Yorkshireman Tri or Yorkshireman Half.

Yorkshireman Tri:-

  • Swim: 2hrs 15 mins after your swim start
  • Bike: 11 hours after the start of the race (5:00pm)
  • Run: 17 hours after your swim start – (for example, if your swim start was at 6:15am your final cut off will be 11:15pm)

Yorkshireman Half:-

  • Swim: 1hr 10 mins after your swim start
  • Bike: 6 hours after the start of the race (2:30pm)
  • Run: 8 hours after your swim start – (for example, if your swim start was at 8:45am your final cut off will be 4:45pm)

Where can I find the British Triathlon rules?

Is camping available on site?

Yes, there is a large camping area available which is close to the event village. Camping can be booked online for either 1, 2 or 3 nights and is available to both competitors and supporters.

Are dogs allowed at the race venue?

Yes, we welcome well behaved dogs, please make sure they remain on a lead at all times.

Is car parking available for competitors and supporters?

Yes, car parking is available very close to the event village. There will be a small fee of £5 for car parking, this will cover the entire weekend.

Can I sign up as a marshal / volunteer?

Yes, of course, we openly welcome volunteers for the event and will make sure you are looked after throughout your stint of marshalling as well as being rewarded for your efforts.
Please contact us at if you would like to help out and be part of the Yorkshireman Tri support crew, we’d love to have you on board.

We are also looking for groups or clubs to provide marshals for the numerous feed stations. If your club or group could help out, we’d love to hear from you. We will make sure you are all looked after and rewarded for your efforts.

I would like to have a trade stand at the race expo, is it possible?

Please contact us at where we can send you more information.
We openly welcome any trade stands that would like to be part of the race expo and would love to hear from you.

Pre Race

What should I expect at registration?

Registration takes place on Saturday 22nd June.
When you arrive to register, you will be welcomed by our amazing support crew.
They will ask to see some photo ID along with confirmation of your entry. If you have British Triathlon annual membership, they will also ask to see your race licence.
You will be given your Yorkshireman tri welcome pack which will contain all the necessary items you will need to take part, there will be a list of all items in the pack, please check to see that you have all the items.
You will also receive 3 kit bags to place your race kit into. A white kit bag for the clothes you require once you have completed your triathlon. A blue kit bag which is used to hold everything you require for the cycle section and a red kit bag which is used to hold everything you require for the run. The blue and red kit bags must be racked inside the transition marquee on the Saturday.

Will there be a race briefing?

Yes, the briefing must be attended by all competitors.
We will be running the race video briefing on a continuous loop, playing throughout Saturday. This will be played on screens inside the registration marquee. It is important that you do attend and listen to the race briefing. After viewing the briefing you will be given a transition area access pass which will allow you to then rack your bike and kit bags. Please note you will not be able to rack you bike and kit bags until you have received the access pass.

What if I have a question that is not covered in the race briefing?

We will have support staff available that will be able to answer any questions or concerns you may have, please go to the help desk after viewing the race briefing.

When do I rack my bike?

Registration and bike racking will take place on Saturday 22nd June. All bikes must be racked on the Saturday. There will be overnight security in place.

Can somebody else register and rack my bike for me?

We ask that all athletes register in person and rack their own bikes and kit bags.
This is for the security of your own belongings. We may ask to see photo ID at registration

Once I have racked my bike and kit bags, will I have further access to them?

Yes, you will be able to access both your bike and kit bags on the morning of the event, in order to pump tyres up, attach your bike bottles etc. Cycle shoes and helmet may be placed on your bike. Track pumps and other equipment can be handed back to your supporters if you wish.

What do I do with my white kit bag?

Your white kit bag is used to place clothing that you wish to wear after you have completed the triathlon. The white kit bags can be handed into our support crew in the transition area on the morning of the event.

How does the relay team work?

A relay team may be made up of 2 or 3 athletes. If 3 competitors, then one athlete will do the swim, one the bike and the final athlete will complete the run. If there are only 2 competitors in your relay team, one athlete will do any of the 2 disciplines whilst the other athlete will complete the remaining discipline. Relay team members will wait in a marked zone in the transition area and must be tagged by the previous team member before exiting the transition area. Relay team members can be pre-changed, ready to start their discipline.

What is the nutrition at the feed stations?

At the moment we are still in discussion with nutrition suppliers, and we will update this as soon as we have more information.
There will be a wide range of nutritional products available, so there should be something for everybody.

Swim Specific

Why are estimated times asked for?

The estimated times are asked for to enable us to allocate the correct start for competitors.

To ensure fairness to all competitors we try and place swimmers of a similar ability in the same swim waves. Obviously we must take estimated swim times on trust, but this system does work very well and allows all competitors a fair and un-obstructed swim. The first wave of swimmers will be those that have given the fastest estimated swim times, with further waves placing athletes with slower estimated swim times.
All athletes will have the same amount of time to complete the entire event.

Don’t worry if you do not know what you’re estimated times are for the given distance, just enter times you feel you could complete the distance in. As you develop you’re training and get a more accurate idea of your estimated times, simply contact us before the closing date, and we can amend these details.

Are we able to practise on the swim course prior to the event?

Unfortunately, no. The access to the swim start is on private land and is not available other than on race day. We must respect the wishes of the land owners, it is with their support of the event that we are able to bring the Yorkshireman Tri to you, please don’t jeopardise their goodwill.

Are wetsuits compulsory?

As with all triathlons the decision on whether a wetsuit is compulsory or forbidden is determined by the water temperature. We will advise on the temperature leading up to the event, but the final decision can only be taken on the morning of the event.
Wetsuits must be worn if the temperature is below 15’C (Yorkshireman Half) and will be forbidden if the temperature is above 23’C.
For the Yorkshireman Tri the minimum temperature a wetsuit must be worn is 16’C and will be forbidden if the temperature is above 24’C

How does the transition work?

After you have completed your swim you will be guided into the transition area into the large marquee. You will pick up your blue bike kit bag and head to the end of the marquee into the changing areas (there will be separate male and female changing areas). After changing into your cycling gear, place all your swim gear into the blue bike kit bag and take this with you to the exit of the marquee, where you can leave it with one of our support team. You will then make your way to your bike, ready to start the cycle section.

As you complete the bike course, you will again be guided into the transition area, your bike will be taken from you and re-racked in its original place. This time as you enter the marquee, collect your red run kit bag from the racking and make your way to the changing area. After changing into your running gear, place all your bike gear into the red run kit bag and take this with you to the exit of the marquee, where you can leave it with one of our support team.

After completing your triathlon, you can retrieve your bike and kit bags from the transition area. Your white, blue and red kit bags will have been placed back onto your own racking space inside the marquee ready for you to collect.

Bike Specific

What is the rule about drafting on the bike?

Drafting on the bike, simply means taking shelter behind another competitor or other vehicle during the bike section. As triathlon is an individual sport, most triathlons do not allow drafting to take place.

The current drafting rule in simple terms states that a competitor closing on another competitor during the bike section must not sit behind taking shelter, but must either attempt to overtake or stay behind at a distance where shelter cannot be received. In practise, if you are closing on another competitor it is much better to overtake and get clear of the other cyclist. The competitor that has just been overtaken must then ensure they do not draft or take shelter.

For details on all rules check out the British Triathlon rule book.

What type of bike should I use?

Providing your bike is properly maintained and is roadworthy, then you may use any traditional looking bike. We would strongly advise using a road bike or time trial bike, however hybrids or mountain bikes are perfectly acceptable.

What is the bike course like?

The bike course is extremely scenic and passes through some beautiful villages.
The course is undulating, but certainly not hilly. The road surface is very good.

The Yorkshireman Tri has an outward section before leading to a looped circuit that is completed 3 times, before returning to transition via a different route to the outward journey.

The Yorkshireman Half has an outward section before leading to a looped circuit that is completed just the once, before returning to transition via a different route to the outward journey.

Run Specific

Are friends and relatives able to run down the red carpeted finish zone with me?

Yes, of course. It’s your moment of glory, we want you to enjoy it, so by all means, have your friends and relatives ready, waiting for you, to share your awesome achievement with you. We’ll have a designated area for friends and relatives to wait in, where they can easily access the final finish zone.

What is the run course like?

The run course is a flat, looped circuit on good surfaces. There is one small section which will be completed on grass on each lap. There is also a small out and back section on each lap to ensure the run distance is accurate.

The Yorkshireman Tri is made up of 4 laps.
The Yorkshireman Half is made up of 2 laps.

Can’t find the answer to your question.
Go ahead and contact us, we’ll do our best to try and help

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